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Welcome to the DinosaursOfEurasia

Here are the rules implemented in order to join this group:

Join the group:
-No need to wait significant amounts of time, your approval is automatic.

These are the requirements of each of the works:
-They have to be dinosaurs either the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. No Pterosaurs, pelycosaurs or other reptiles will be accepted.
-It is important that the species entered or reservoir takes place in Europe and Asia.
-The folder "Featured" based on the anatomy of dinosaurs, will be used only for fossils, casts of skeletons or depictions of body parts of any kind.

WARNING: All work shown here is from the owner, we are not responsible for plagiarism or any copy that infringes copyright.

Thanks for their collaboration.

Aquí están implementadas las reglas para poder formar parte de este grupo:

Unirse Al Grupo:
-No tendrán que esperar grandes cantidades de tiempo, su aprovación es automatica.

Estos son los requisitos de cada una de las obras:
-Tienen que ser dinosaurios, ya sea del Triasico, Jurasico o Cretaceo. No se aceptaran Pterosaurios, Pelicosaurios u otro tipo de reptiles.
-Es importante que las o especies presentadas tenga lugar de yacimiento en Europa o Asia.
-La Carpeta "Featured" se basará en la anatomia de los dinosaurios, solo se usará para fósiles, moldes de esqueletos o representaciones de partes de cuerpo de cualquier especie.

ADVERTENCIA: Todo trabajo que se expone aquí es por parte de su dueño, no nos hacemos responsables de plagio o alguna copia que infringa los derechos de autor.

Gracias por su colaboración.

Gallery Folders

Erketu ellisoni by javifel
Morelladon beltrani by javifel
Sahaliyania elunchunorum by javifel
Canardia garonnensis by javifel
Basal Saurischians
Alwalkeria maleriensis by Xiphactinus
Agnosphitys cromhallensis by Teratophoneus
Plateosaurus engelhardti by MarkM98
Plateosaurus and Liliensternus by SpinoInWonderland
Thecodontosaurus antiquus by TrefRex
Pantydraco caducus by TrefRex
Lohuecotitan pandafilandi by EloyManzanero
Titanosaur from Segovia. by EloyManzanero
Europasaurus by megabass22
Omeisaurus tianfuensis (The real long neck) by LeviBernardo13
Banji long by javifel
FC Archaeornithoides by Midiaou
Gallimimus bullatus by MarkM98
PARAVES Inktober#6 by EloyManzanero
Falco peregrinus DINOVEMBER#2 by EloyManzanero
Cicinnurus regius by King-Edmarka
Aurornis xui by Leaubellon
Fortunguavis xiaotaizicus by EloyManzanero
Basal Ornithischians
Kulindadromeus by NTamura
Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus by SpinoInWonderland
Leaellynasaura amicagraphica by spinosaurus1
From Russia with love by PrimevalRaptor
Liaoningosaurus paradoxus 9/6/16 by Paleop
Extraordinary Ankylosaur by Gwyndor
The first carnivorous ornithischian! by Arcovenator
Eduard Suess and his Struthiosaurus by Pelycosaur24
Iguanodon by EloyManzanero
Welcome to the sail/ridge/hump club by Dontknowwhattodraw94
Walking on La Rioja by EloyManzanero
Very big swan by Dontknowwhattodraw94
Mosaicoceratops azumai by EloyManzanero
Sentry by Etomo
Slightly Speculative Psittacosaurus by DrawingDinosaurs
Tylocephale gilmorei by King-Edmarka
Lost Shores, Jurassic Oceans part 1  Aiary, diving by TitanChief10
Ultimate Iguanodon!!!DINOVEMBER#3 by EloyManzanero



Group Info

It is a group that focuses only on the dinosaurs of Eurasia. It is dedicated to the best deviations that really represent paleontological pride.
Founded 3 Years ago
Jun 9, 2014


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60 Members
68 Watchers
4,527 Pageviews
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